Change is inconvenient. It is also inevitable.

We live in the Information Age, yet data threatens to overwhelm us. New types of data, new technologies for managing that data, and new ways to use that information to drive business innovation are being introduced on a daily basis. But the complexity of accessing and managing all that data is increasing at an exponential pace.

You can't afford to wait months to implement a new business idea. You can't afford to recode each time you adopt a new approach or tap into a new type of data. And you don't want to be crushed by the combined weight of new technologies and your existing infrastructure.

The only way to adapt quickly and cope in the face of accelerating change and complexity is through a secret ingredient that insulates you from all the changes in the data and the technologies. That secret ingredient is a virtual data machine (VDM). A VDM is an embeddable data management engine that separates instructions and specifications, which map out the business logic for handling data, from underlying execution technology.

Informatica offers the only VDM in the world. It's called Vibe™ and it's the reason our customers can map once and deploy anywhere—in the cloud or on premise; in databases, applications, middleware, or on a Hadoop cluster; in batch, request/response, or real time. With Vibe, change is not your enemy—change is your competitive weapon.

Vibe can deploy your logic regardless of type, volume, or source of data; computing platform; or end user. Most important, if any of those elements change, Vibe lets you redeploy without recoding, redevelopment, or respecification. Vibe can be embedded into applications, middleware infrastructure, and devices—wherever you need to access, aggregate, and manage data.

The Vibe virtual data machine architecture, with a transformation library to define logic, the optimizer to deploy in the most efficient manner, the executor as the run-time engine for physical execution, and connectors to data sources.

With Vibe as the foundation, you can then layer on services from a fully integrated information platform to transform raw data into information that provides insight and value. Because it is powered by Vibe, the Informatica Platform allows you to easily combine these services on the fly to meet your specific business requirements. The Informatica Platform is the only platform that provides the tools and capabilities for the simplest entry-level uses to the most complex cross-enterprise initiatives. And it is the most proven platform, with 5,000 customers who rely on Informatica to harness the full potential of their information to compete in today's interconnected information age.

Our vision is simple: with Vibe, we have created the only information platform that is architected to harness change so that no matter what the futures holds, you can always put your information potential to work.