IKON Office Solutions is one of the world's largest document management systems and services providers. As it handles an ever-growing amount of data, the company must control IT spending while still guaranteeing that its storage infrastructure has ample capacity and nimble user response time.


  • Reduce the cost of data storage
  • Ensure the company can respond quickly to customer requests
Informatica has transformed our production environment — lowering application total cost of ownership, improving performance, mitigating risk, and ensuring regulatory compliance.
— Anil Roy
Director of Oracle Operations and Support


  • Reduced costs by up to $1.5 million over a 2- to 3-year lease term, equivalent to a six-month ROI
  • Saved 18.8 terabytes of capacity, avoiding future expansion costs
  • Cut backup window by 25 percent, from eight hours to six hours
  • Improved application data life cycle management

Technologies Used

  • Creates database subsets from large, complex databases to better manage nonproduction systems.

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