Blue Trading Systems provides one of the fastest, most reliable, and most profitable platforms for options trading.


  • Deliver agile, ultralow-latency trading service for smaller options trading firms
  • Increase stability of trading platforms
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
Informatica’s Ultra Messaging platform has had a profound effect on the messaging world and Informatica has been able to position itself as the leader in the low latency arena.
— Pedro Pinto,
Blue Trading Systems


  • Helps options trading clients to be more agile and grow revenues in dynamic and complex options trading markets
  • Enables clients to scale their business with minimal risk and costs
  • Provides low-latency messaging backbone for high-performance options trading platform
  • Helps differentiate options trader in a highly competitive market and increased agility
  • Lowers costs by eliminating need for centralized message brokers
  • Delivers dramatic performance, availability, and scalability gains, while also proving easy to monitor and maintain
  • Supports client implementations from 2 to more than 200 servers and from 2 to more than 2,000 message recipients
  • Reduces client risk through OEM agreement
  • Eliminates single points of failure across the BTS trading platform for high availability
  • Leverages a proven and stable low-latency messaging environment with robust monitoring facilities for increased reliability

Technologies Used

  • Informatica Ultra Messaging