Extend Informatica Ultra Messaging to the Web

The Informatica Ultra Messaging Web Gateway Option extends Informatica Ultra Messaging environments to the Web. With this option, your IT organization can provide end users of all devices a robust, scalable, and reliable real-time and near-zero-latency interactive experience on a PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

  • Create a superior user experience, with rich interactivity and streaming data, to enhance competitive advantage
  • Increase scalability by overcoming the limitations of traditional Web infrastructure
  • Streamline and simplify your Web infrastructure and recognize dramatic operational cost savings

Informatica Ultra Messaging Web Gateway Option Key Features

  • HTML5 WebSocket standard, which supports two-way, high-performance TCP connectivity to Web browsers
  • Ultra Messaging JMS API to connect to a browser or mobile client, freeing developers from having to worry about browser-specific logic or plug-ins
  • Publish and subscribe to Informatica Ultra Messaging topics and queues