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Data Warehousing

The scalable, cost-effective solution for data warehousing

Data Warehousing

A Complete Range of Data Warehousing Capabilities

With so much potential business intelligence tied up in departmental silos, how can you extend your data warehousing efforts across your entire enterprise-readily and cost-effectively-to ensure data is available when and where it's needed?

The Informatica solution for data warehousing can help. Extending your data warehousing projects beyond an individual department requires a solution with a comprehensive data warehousing feature set. For organizations seeking to scale up to enterprise-wide data warehousing, only the Informatica solution for data warehousing provides the range of tools necessary to get the job done, including:

  • Universal access to all enterprise data, via the Informatica data warehousing platform, regardless of location or structure
  • Integrated data quality management to ensure certifiably accurate data
  • End-to-end metadata management to ensure data is fully auditable and traceable
  • Enterprise grid and pushdown optimization to increase data warehousing speed, efficiency, and reliability
  • Real-time data integration to deliver data in batch, changed data, and real time
  • Data services to decouple data warehousing from business intelligence applications, freeing the warehouse to serve a wide range of applications

With the Informatica solution for data warehousing, your IT organization can scale up cost-effectively to build enterprise-wide data warehousing that provides your business with faster decision-making abilities, cross-business unit visibility, and transparency for regulatory compliance—elements not available on all data warehousing platforms.

Reduced Data Warehousing Cost and Risk

Despite the importance of enterprise-wide data warehousing, high costs and schedule overruns—common issues with most data warehousing efforts—continue to be a barrier. The Informatica solution for data warehousing minimizes these risks.

By streamlining the processes of populating and maintaining a data warehousing solution, the Informatica solution for data warehousing eliminates the need for error-prone hand coding. Powerful, yet easy-to-use ETL capabilities accelerate data warehousing development by enabling the reuse of data integration processes from one data warehousing project to another. Universal data access capabilities reduce the cost of accessing data, regardless of format. And grid computing and pushdown optimization capabilities minimize the cost of keeping data warehousing facilities highly available.

Faster Data Warehousing Deployment

The Informatica solution for data warehousing helps your IT organization quickly design, test, and deploy a data warehousing solution in response to rapidly changing business needs. Based on the Informatica integration platform for data warehousing, our solution enables IT professionals to jumpstart current data warehousing projects and use an incremental approach to execute future data warehousing efforts as business needs change.