In the recent past, we were constrained by many limitations around data. The type of information available was limited. The cost of data storage and processing capacity was prohibitive. There was a well-defined set of languages and technology approaches to managing information.

Now, we are only limited by our imagination. By using more data and more types of data, we can fundamentally transform our organizations, and our world. Let’s consider some profoundly impactful innovations that that weren’t possible just five years ago:

  • Real-time rerouting of transportation fleets based on weather patterns
  • Customer sentiment analysis based on social postings
  • Targeted disease therapies based on genomic data
  • Allocation of disaster relief supplies based on mobile and social messages from victims
  • Cars driving themselves

Unfortunately, many companies are taking a wait-and-see approach to implementing a big data strategy. In the meantime, their competitors are gaining the upper hand. 

Why are they waiting? Even though new big data technologies can reduce the overall infrastructure costs associated with storing and processing data by 10x, labor costs can easily offset the capital savings. The scarcity of specialized big data programming skills can make it impossible to staff a project. Even if you can find skilled data scientists and Hadoop developers, because they are using manual techniques, 80 percent of their time is spent preparing the data rather than actually performing the analysis.

Informatica changes this equation by removing the big data skills barrier. The Informatica Vibe virtual data machine empowers traditional data integration developers to automate the data preparation process and deploy to new technologies like Hadoop without coding. Your existing data integration team can be up to five times more productive than specialized Hadoop programmers who are hand coding.  With Informatica and Vibe, you can quickly harness the potential of big data to turn insights into innovative products and service.

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