Take a Lean Approach to Data Quality and Integration

In manufacturing, lean methods synchronize people, processes, and materials to eliminate any waste of effort or resources. The Informatica solution for lean integration utilizes the Informatica Platform to enable you to take the same approach to data quality and integration by applying leading-edge technology to transform organizational processes through automation and reuse. The Informatica solution for lean integration builds on the Integration Competency Center model to optimize performance in terms of cost, speed, and quality. Lean integration applies Lean Management principles to data management in order to:

  • Eliminate waste and reduce project lead time by up to 90 percent with lean integration
  • Increase value thru lean integration with a 50 percent gain in integration team productivity
  • Drive significant, continuous improvement in project quality with lean integration  

Become More Agile and Data-Driven at Lower Cost with Lean Integration

With the Informatica solution for lean integration, your company can increase productivity and accelerate delivery while still reducing expenses. This solution promotes exacting, factory-like efficiency in data quality and integration by emphasizing productivity and precision. Lean integration results stretch across the entire organization:

  • Lean integration for business promotes innovation and agility by liberating staff from tedious, repetitive tasks
  • Lean integration for senior IT executives strengthens IT governance and control while decreasing risk, by lessening complexity and promoting visibility
  • Lean integration for IT developers and managers reduces costs and inefficiencies by standardizing automation and reuse of integration processes

Lean Integration: Get Lean with a Next-Generation Technology Platform

The Informatica solution for lean integration offers both the technology and the professional services to help your IT organization accelerate deployment and achieve faster time to value with a lean approach to data quality and integration. The solution empowers your organization with:

  • Advanced automation for project setup, code testing and migration, data profiling, requirements definition, and pattern-based programming
  • Template-driven self-service solutions for business rules and common processes
  • Configurable reusable objects, role-based tools, and visual metadata-based controls for speed and efficiency
  • Role-based tools to continuously improve quality and accelerate turnaround
  • Integration Factory Implementation Service that cuts costs and boosts productivity and project quality through management best practices and Informatica's own Lean Velocity methodology
  • Informatica PowerCenter Automated Deployment Framework that speeds implementation by automating code and mapping migration through development, testing, and production