Meet Your Information Management Needs by Eliminating Waste, Continuously Improving, and Building in Quality with Lean Data Management

Lean Data Management is a data management system that aligns business and IT around a common set of principles and practices to ultimately achieve two things: lower costs and faster delivery.

Lean Data Management enables sales, marketing, finance, customer service, manufacturing, R&D, and operations to coordinate efforts and derive value from a wide spectrum of information value chains across the enterprise.

Lean Data Management takes many forms, which the following examples illustrate.

Lean Applications:

  • Achieve zero production data growth in on-line transaction processing applications with lean data management by defining business rules to systematically archive closed transactions on a regular basis. 
  • Prevent creating duplicate data at creation time by checking data entries against a trustworthy master version of the data.
  • Cleanse data at creation time to standardize elements into a form that is compatible with downstream processes.

Lean Data Warehouses:

  • Respond rapidly to new business analytics needs with lean and agile data self-service profiling and mapping tools for business analysts.
  • Analyze usage of production data warehouses to determine what end users are actually querying and systematically remove data or reports that are no longer useful.
  • For infrequently used data that has some long-term analytic value, or where retention is required for compliance purposes, move it to lower-cost storage with lean data management.

Lean Application Portfolios:

  • Evaluate the entire application portfolio, removing obsolete or redundant applications to eliminate complexity and reduce costs. 
  • Archive legacy data into an optimized archive store before decommissioning the associated applications. This lean data management tactic ensures ongoing, on-line access to the legacy application data for reporting and compliance purposes.
  • Establish retention data management policies to ensure that eligible data is destroyed in accordance with company policies, industry regulations, or sovereign laws.

Lean Data Management is achieved through the right mix of people, processes, policies, and technology. Designed to increase business agility, the Informatica solution for Lean Data Management combines the Informatica Platform, Informatica Professional Services, and partner service offerings to deliver a total solution.