Connect People, Systems, Processes, and Data Across Your Enterprise with an Integration Competency Center

Data integration projects such as data warehousing, master data management, and data migration increase organizational efficiency and cut operational costs by delivering trusted, timely information whenever and wherever it's needed. An Integration Competency Center (ICC) plays a vital role in making them happen.

An Integration Competency Center is a shared service function that ensures fast, cost-effective deployment of data integration projects by linking people, technology, policies, best practices, and processes across the organization. With an ICC, your company can:

  • Reduce project delivery times and development and maintenance costs by optimizing available resources
  • Increase control and management of the business or technology infrastructure
  • Improve customer service by integrating information and establishing consistent processes enterprise-wide
  • Lower total technology cost of ownership by promoting reuse of building blocks, application components, and business rules both within and across projects
  • Leverage past successes to simplify future projects

Support Your Integration Competency Center with a Comprehensive Technology Platform

The Informatica Platform can access, discover, cleanse, and integrate data from virtually any business system, in any format, and deliver it anywhere within the enterprise. In addition, Informatica offers a range of services to help your IT organization implement an ICC—making it the ideal technology partner to build a firm foundation for your Integration Competency Center.

The Informatica Platform includes:

  • Enterprise-grade security, performance, and scalability to guarantee 24x7 access to critical data, even as your ICC charter expands to support more projects
  • High-performance technology to support data quality processes enterprise-wide
  • Dynamically scalable data services to handle the large number of concurrent workloads typical in a shared services ICC environment
  • Dynamic partitioning with data smart parallelism to save hardware costs by optimizing existing computing resources
  • Robust collaboration tools to increase IT productivity, decrease development costs, and strengthen cross-team alignment for greater business agility

Boost Agility and Competitive Advantage with an ICC

Basing your ICC on the powerful capabilities of the Informatica Platform gives your IT organization the tools it needs to keep the business agile and competitive in a fast-changing marketplace. With an ICC, you can:

  • Reduce development costs with reusable components and transformations
  • Deploy new projects and applications faster
  • Increase data quality for business users
  • Leverage best practices in data integration for greater control and better outcomes
  • Improve decision making with deeper visibility into operational systems