Leverage Your Telecommunications Data to Improve Operations and Boost Subscriber Loyalty

To keep up with new standards and regulations, the telecommunications industry needs to continually invest in new infrastructure. At the same time, the increasingly high expectations and changes in subscribing behavior of residential and business customers is pressuring service providers to maximize the potential of their telecommunications data.

Telcos must deliver personalized marketing promotions, cross-sell and up-sell offers, be active in social media, and empower customer service reps to manage more issues effectively. When they meet subscriber demands and boost operational efficiencies, telcos are rewarded with increases in customer loyalty, ARPU, and gross margins. But for some, issues with their telecommunications data and a lack of data governance impede their best business and technology strategies.

Informatica solutions for telecommunications enhance your brand and boost innovation by effectively managing telecommunications data on subscribers, products, locations, networks, channel partners, and social media.

With these solutions, service providers can:

  • Deliver trusted subscriber data for more personalized marketing promotions and cross-sell and up-sell offers
  • Boost performance by archiving inactive telecommunications data from key applications
  • Increase operational efficiency by streamlining customer onboarding, activation, and billing
  • Mitigate risk and quickly identify opportunities for growth by producing more accurate regulatory and profitability reports based on high quality telecommunications data
  • Reduce billing errors and expedite billing data collection by automating data exchange with channel partners and leveraging consistent channel partner data

Don’t let telecommunications data issues hold you back. We can help.


A cutting-edge Data Quality Center of Excellence (COE)—underpinned by Informatica—is helping Avaya to optimize its data quality investment, maximize business impact, and ultimately lead to significant business improvements.

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The Informatica Platform has helped VIVO save significant amounts of money annually and increase revenue substantially, through such actions as better-targeted campaigns, more effective predictive churn analysis, and identification and resolution of bad debt.

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Verizon Business

Verizon Business uses Informatica PowerCenter to improve the targeting and monitoring of marketing operations. It migrated 14 European and Asia-Pacific marketing databases into one Siebel 7 data warehouse.

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