Deploy Industry-Leading Identity Resolution Technology

Our unique identity resolution technology makes Informatica solutions for identity resolution more accurate, with higher performance and scalability against large data volumes compared to other competitors. These identity resolution solutions include pre-built rules for more than 60 countries, for ease of use and rapid implementation—but are also completely customizable. And the capabilities for identity searching and identity matching against multiple languages and character sets are unmatched, making Informatica solutions for identity resolution more widely applicable. Our advanced identity resolution functionality enables you to efficiently and accurately search internal and external systems and databases to discover the connections between people, accounts, or products that might otherwise be hidden in the data.

Real-time identity search against a single or multiple data sources for robust identity resolution

  • Offers high performance and scalability even against large data volumes
  • Provides subsecond response times for users
  • Finds matches despite data errors and format differences

Easily embedded or standalone identity search for versatile identity resolution

  • Can be used as part of a business process, like adding a new customer, or as a primary search
  • Offers APIs for over 20 different technologies/applications, including Web services
  • Features search/match rules and tolerance easily configured to suit different business requirements

Multicountry and multilanguage identity search for widely applicable identity resolution

  • Provides identity searching and identity matching for over 60 different countries in local and Romanized scripts
  • Supports cross-matching (e.g., Arabic | English; Japanese | English; Korean | English)
  • Reduces the need for maintenance with populations that are updated automatically

These identity resolution capabilities can provide clear benefits across a variety of functions for both business and government organizations that require dependable solutions for identity resolution.

Identity Resolution for Business

Around the world today, businesses are using Informatica solutions for identity resolution to create complete, holistic, accurate, and up-to-date views of their customers, and to share that information across the organization in real time. These identity resolution capabilities can provide a significant competitive advantage by enabling more efficient and effective sales and marketing efforts, improving customer service and satisfaction, rationalizing payables and receivables, even preventing fraud.

Identity Resolution for Government and Law Enforcement

Government agencies rely on Informatica identity resolution technology to enhance public safety and security in applications ranging from border control to terrorist watch lists. These identity resolution solutions provide accurate, up-to-date identity data required to effectively deliver essential health and social services, improve tax collection rates, and provide a more efficient interface between government and business.

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