Support IaaS Deployments

For companies that need to scale server and storage resources quickly on demand, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provides virtually unlimited and highly affordable options. However, cloud infrastructure solutions for IaaS can only deliver optimal cost savings and efficiency when they're able to integrate cloud-based data and applications with on-premise systems and databases.

Informatica offers a cloud data integration infrastructure to support IaaS. It enables IaaS with a combination of minimal start-up requirements, no up-front capital procurement costs, quick implementation, and unlimited scalability to:

  • Integrate data in true virtual computing environments, such as Amazon EC2, and with SaaS applications, such as
  • Move data easily, reliably, and quickly among cloud and on-premise data sources
  • Ensure seamless data quality and data profiling across all applications in your IaaS deployment
  • Optimize data archiving and storage in your IaaS deployments for reporting or compliance audits

Conquer the Challenges of IaaS

Informatica supports IaaS by enabling IT to add and manage server and storage capacity affordably, in mere minutes, with cloud versions of our industry-leading data integration solutions:

  • Informatica PowerCenter Cloud Edition. Apply the power and scalability of Informatica PowerCenter to true virtual computing environments for IaaS with comprehensive data integration across cloud and on-premise systems
  • Informatica Data Quality Cloud Edition. Incorporate cloud applications seamlessly in your data profiling, data quality evaluation, data cleansing, and data scorecards.
  • Informatica Data Archive Cloud Store Option. Extend optimal data archiving best practices to the cloud to leverage IaaS for scalable, affordable, high-performance storage and access.

Leverage IaaS for Lower Costs and Greater Flexibility

Informatica offers the world's first comprehensive, unified, open, and economical cloud data integration solution. Based on the Informatica Platform, it supports the flexibility, ease of use, and affordability of IaaS with key features:

  • Unlimited scalability for IaaS deployments with built-in data partitioning support
  • Support for any IaaS data processing latency, including batch, trickle feed, and real time
  • Connectivity to almost any data source and type, across cloud and on-premise systems
  • Self-service functionality for nontechnical IaaS users
  • Ability to profile, cleanse, and standardize cloud-based data
  • Simple, scalable cloud-based archiving for efficient, cost-effective IaaS data access, availability, management, and recovery

Informatica Products for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

PowerCenter Cloud Edition

Integrates cloud-based data with data in on-premise systems.

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Data Quality Cloud Edition

Combines the power of pervasive data quality with the flexibility of cloud computing.

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Data Archive Cloud Store Option

Safely and easily archives and accesses data stored in the cloud.

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