Attract and Retain More Customers with a Complete Customer View

Your sales, marketing and customer service teams need a single, trusted, and complete view of customers within the CRM application. But most of your customer and prospect data stored in on-premise systems and cloud applications is duplicated, inconsistent, and incomplete. Now you have the opportunity to enrich your customer profiles with the valuable data on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—but only if you’re sure which version of your customers’ information is correct.

The Informatica solution for customer centricity creates a single, trusted, and complete customer view within your CRM application. It goes beyond the traditional 360-degree customer view by including all the products or services your customers own, their household/account relationships, and all transactions and interactions they've had with your company—for example, with sales, customer service representatives, the billing department, or marketing. It also enriches customer profiles with social media data from sites such as Facebook.

The Informatica solution for customer centricity helps companies grow revenue and increase profitability by improving key business operations. This solution empowers:

  • Sales and marketing operations managers to use a complete customer view within their CRM application to attract new customers and increase the wallet-share of existing customers
  • Customer support teams to use a complete customer view within their CRM application to improve customer service to retain more
  • Information management teams to deliver a complete customer view within the CRM application more efficiently and cost-effectively

Informatica Products for Customer Acquisition and Retention


Accesses, integrates, and delivers any and all data quickly and cost-effectively, without hand coding.

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Accesses mission-critical data and delivers it throughout the enterprise wherever it's needed, on any schedule.

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Data Services

Directly accesses and merges data across systems to deliver trusted data on demand and at lower cost.

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Data Quality

Achieves pervasive data quality for all stakeholders, projects, applications using a single, unified platform.

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Master Data Management

Provides flexible multidomain MDM technology to enable rapid deployments and extensibility across the enterprise.

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Data Explorer

Finds hidden risks, pinpoints structural issues, and stops quality problems from spreading in data.

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Data Archive

Safely archives application data to cost-effectively manage growing data volumes.

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Data Subset

Creates database subsets from large, complex databases to better manage nonproduction systems.

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Data Masking

Secures sensitive or confidential data in production and nonproduction systems.

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B2B Data Exchange

Enables efficient and cost-effective collaboration with your extended network of trading partners and customers.

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B2B Data Transformation

Extracts and utilizes data from any file, document, or message—regardless of format, complexity, or size.

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