Manage Diverse Data Across Multiple Partners

Your business exchanges a wide range of data daily with customers, suppliers, and other business partners. The Informatica trading partner gateway solution creates a centralized hub that provides visibility, integration, and orchestration across these transactions. Implement the trading partner gateway solution to improve operational efficiency and decision making while streamlining the onboarding of new business relationships.

Capabilities of the Informatica trading partner gateway solution include:

  • Unique support for unstructured data, such as PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents
  • Broad support for semistructured data, including all industry-standard versions, messages, and validation rules
  • Built-in support for structured data within applications, including XML and COBOL
  • Preemptive data quality to prevent poor data from entering the system
  • Robust, scalable secure communication for all transactions and large files

Speed Time to Revenue with Less Risk using Trading Partner Gateway

The Informatica trading partner gateway solution increases business volume and revenue by simplifying the task of integrating new customers, suppliers, and partners into enterprise applications—regardless of the source, type, or volume of data. Count on our trading partner gateway solution to improve relationships by ensuring that all information is acquired and transmitted in a timely, accurate, and complete manner. In addition, the Informatica trading partner gateway solution reduces the costs and risks involved in both initial integration and ongoing maintenance. With the trading partner gateway solution you can:

  • Enable visibility, management, and monitoring through self-service and configurable checklists that reduce time to market up to 80 percent
  • Eliminate the complexity of hand coding and the risk of error involved in mapping many sources to many targets
  • Maintain and update multiple versions of industry standards, such as EDI, SWIFT, and HIPAA, to accommodate all business partners
  • Support end-to-end integration beyond the firewall with managed file transfer and secured communication
  • Ensure data integrity and reliability with built-in data quality

Ensure Visibility into the Data Exchange with Trading Partner Gateway

The Informatica trading partner gateway solution supports decision making and operational efficiency by giving your end users access to data events beyond the widest possible variety of data:

  • Trading Partner Gateway for data event monitoring—provides visibility into data issues, enabling a complete view of the customer or product
  • Trading Partner Gateway for onboarding self-service—empowers the business and partners to define and configure data exchanges with visibility into status and bottlenecks
  • Trading Partner Gateway for data access control—delivers advanced capabilities to govern data access and partners’ data access
  • Trading Partner Gateway for proactive monitoring—effectively triggers alerts and notifications for errors and exceptions in partner data

Informatica Products for Trading Partner Gateway

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