Reduce Costs and Improve Performance with Database Archiving

The Informatica solution for database archiving enables your IT organization to move inactive data out of your production database. It is the ideal solution for implementing a database growth management initiative as part of a larger data governance program.

Control Data Growth Costs and Risks with Database Archiving

Move less frequently accessed data out of your production database and improve the application response time with the Informatica solution for database archiving. This solution will relocate inactive data to another online database archive that maintains end-user access through the original application interface. Alternatively, the Informatica solution for database archiving can also archive inactive data to a highly compressed, secure, immutable, easily accessible file format requiring lower storage and management resources. The Informatica solution for database archiving empowers your IT organization to:

  • Improve application performance by archiving closed transactional data from production applications
  • Reduce maintenance costs by reducing the production data size through archiving
  • Minimize business outages by shrinking maintenance windows and reducing system downtime
  • Reduce costs with database archiving thanks to smaller production applications and databases that require less management and storage
  • Cut expenses by using the right balance of on-premise database archiving storage platforms and low-cost, shared private or public cloud-based database archiving storage options
  • Ensure compliance with database archiving that  cost-effectively retains data in an active archive that keeps it available for search, discovery, and reporting by business users or legal teams

Build a Firm Data Governance Program Foundation with Database Archiving

Database archiving is a core component of a successful data governance program, and the Informatica solution for database archiving enables companies to reap the financial and operational benefits of pruning inactive data. The database archiving solution works with any database, data warehouse, or enterprise application on any RDBMS or mainframe technology. The database archiving solution includes application accelerators, containing pre-built database archiving metadata and business rules for more than 100 common application modules, including Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and SAP.

The Informatica solution for database archiving easily allows administrators to view, edit, and customize database archiving business rules and business entity definitions. Administrators can set retention periods for database archiving and data purging, relocate data to another online database or a highly compressed, secure, immutable file-based archive, and access data through the native application, the Informatica solution for database archiving data discovery portal, or any reporting or business intelligence tool. Database archiving processes are managed centrally for all data, whether archived on-premise or in the cloud.

Informatica Products for Database Archiving

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