Providing a Variety of Support Levels to Meet Your Needs

Informatica Global Customer Support provides a well engineered, comprehensive set of support programs tailored to fit your needs. All support levels include:

  • Access to the online Knowledge Base containing more than 35,000 articles
  • Ability to raise cases through at any time
  • Periodic maintenance releases as and when they are generally available
  • Major product releases with options currently licensed
  • Patches or emergency bug fixes on critical production issues
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New!  Informatica GCS is pleased to announce the launch of our new support offerings for 2013.  In a climate where many organizations are cutting back on the services they are offering and increasing the prices on their remaining offerings, Informatica is improving and adding more proactive components to their offerings whilst maintaining the same pricing structure:

Mission Critical

This level is designed to meet the demands of the most mission-critical applications and complex business requirements providing a proactive service option that goes far beyond conventional support. This level of support is recommended for large enterprises and Integration Competency Centers (ICCs).

Key components of the Mission Critical support level include target service restoration times, a designated support engineering team, Education Pass*, Extended Version Support and Support Account Manager*. The Support Account Manager is knowledgeable about your business and systems and works towards your overall success and satisfaction. The support engineering team is an off-site extension of your team and is adept at applying their technical skills to solve your problems. The education pass will enable you to send one person to a 5 day public course at no additional cost whilst extended version support allows you to take advantage of support for a further 12 months after a product version is de-supported.

Mission Critical includes:

  • Prioritized support services such as target service restoration, faster response times, priority maintenance and priority escalation handling
  • Global support, which allows you to contact any of our existing support centers in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe

*These options are subject to a minimum spend level.


Tailored for medium and large enterprises, this program provides 24x7 access to our support staff globally for P1 issues covering you against costly downtime due to process or technical errors. As part of this program, you also can choose to have your issues worked on a "follow the sun" basis, thereby decreasing time-to-resolve. In addition to all that is offered in our Standard level of support, the Enterprise support level provides access to our own support engineers enablement materials, a simplified escalation additional features through MySupportprocess and our new proactive, virtual support engineer and Informatica environment management tool, Informatica Support Console.


This support program is aimed at critical applications of Informatica products that need access to conventional and reliable technical support to ensure return on their Informatica software investment. This includes business hours support in the region/center servicing the primary install location.

In addition to traditional break/fix support and maintenance Informatica GCS offers a range of proactive services to ensure your success:

  • Informatica Certified Specialist Exam (Enterprise and Mission Critical)
    Ensure your support staff have the necessary skills and accreditations.
  • Support Education Pass (Mission Critical)
    For more in depth training a Support Education Pass provides you with enough training credits to send one person on a 5 day public course at any one of our publicized education centers around the world.
  • Project Milestone Support
    Focused support during a critical activity or milestone within your project.  This is a service that will add confidence and help mitigate risks during periods of change. Whether you are moving a few mappings from test to production or migrating a whole environment, this service is designed to help.  We will work with you to ensure we are fully apprised of your goals, risks and strategies—which saves precious time should you need to call upon support
  • Installation and Operational Overview
    Informatica GCS with its wealth of experience supporting Informatica customers can present an overview of the product installation, configuration and basic operational best practices thus enabling customers to quickly extract value out of our products and fast track their return on investment.
  • Informatica Competency Center (ICC) Enablement
    As Informatica products become the standard for enterprise data integration in many organizations, customers are developing their own centers of excellence, integration competency centers or shared services helpdesks.  To aid with the success of these organizations, Informatica has developed a program to pass knowledge from our own skilled and experienced support engineers by inviting one or two of your key personnel to spend time in one of our own support centers.
  • Remote Health Check
    This service will ensure the repository is performing at the highest possible levels; check that development standards are being adhered to across the projects and developers that are using the repository; check for excess objects that may cause and administrative overhead.
  • Configuration Support Manager
    Track, manage and support your environment as it pertains to Informatica products.  This proactive tool reduces the time to isolate and resolve issues and ensures you are always alerted to the latest patches relevant to your environment, improving system stability. Periodic health checks on your Informatica environment ensures high availability and reduces downtime.
  • Informatica Support Console
    A support application built by support engineers to monitor, manage and diagnose your Informatica environments in real time. Monitors key resources such as CPU, Memory/Swap space, I/O & Disk as well as Informatica Processes. Manage your environment by defining and setting alerts, setting thresholds and actions and automatically scanning log files. Diagnose issues using the inbuilt tools to associate any detected errors automatically with the knowledgebase. Automatic health checks, diagnostic information gathering and single click to open a service request with Informatica GCS.