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Informatica MDM uses a flexible business model-driven MDM approach to address your unique MDM business requirements. This proven multidomain MDM approach improves operations by empowering business users with consolidated and reliable business-critical data—such as customers, products, channel partners, suppliers—and the relationships between data. Leading financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail companies, as well as government organizations, rely on Informatica MDM to master the duplicate data in on-premise systems and cloud applications to improve operations, cut costs, and drive revenue.

  • Use a flexible multidomain data model that fits your unique business requirements
  • Accelerate and streamline MDM, data integration, and data quality projects by reusing business rules
  • Increase agility and accommodate current and future business needs by expanding beyond a single data domain, use case, and region

Master Data Management: Informatica MDM Key Features

Flexible Business Model-Driven MDM to Meet Unique Business Requirements

  • Adapts to your data: choose your own data model, an industry data model, or Informatica data model templates
  • Maintains all relevant master data lineage, history and version control for audit and compliance purposes

Accurate, Scalable Matching and Prebuilt MDM Matching Rules

  • Rapidly identifies duplicate master data in any number of different formats and data sources, both on-premise and in the cloud by leveraging the highest scalability benchmarks in the industryPerforms faster, more accurate searches on your master data in multiple languages and character sets, easily accommodating the complexity of your global B2B or B2C business

Unique Trust Framework to Instill Confidence in Business-Critical Master Data

  • Creates the “best version of the truth” at the cell level based on trusted sources and shares it with all on-premise and cloud applications
  • Improves auditing capabilities and compliance by tracking master data lineage and history using timelines showing when the master data or hierarchies were created and modified

Complex Hierarchy Management to Reveal Valuable Relationships between Data

  • Enables dynamic management of relationships between business-critical master data to provide new insights and opportunities, for example:
    • Grouping contacts into households for improve cross-sell
    • Organizing companies and channel partners into corporate hierarchies to improve account coverage
    • Classifying products and employees into easily-manipulated taxonomies to bring new products to market faster

Comprehensive Workflow Management to Support Data Governance Processes

  • Supports enterprise-wide master data governance policies and processes with robust workflow and approval capabilities
  • Empowers data stewards to to efficiently manage the master data creation and maintenance process

Ability to Enrich CRM Customer Profile with Data from Social Media Sites

  • Reconciles a customer’s social identity on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with the corporate identity in your CRM system
  • Enriches customer profiles in your CRM system with additional information from social media sites such as customer “likes”, comments about the company’s brand, and network of “friends”

Services & Training

Informatica offers a full range of services and training to help you maximize the value of the Informatica Platform in your environment.

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    Chosen in preference to solutions from IBM and Oracle, the Informatica MDM multidomain and cross-domain solution is anticipated to help achieve a “multimillion-dollar increase in advertising revenues in the years to come”.

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