Informatica data virtualization software provides your organization with a data abstraction layer for fast and direct access to data from many disparate sources, without the need for physical movement. With Informatica Data Services, data is accessed, combined, and then federated across several heterogeneous sources to deliver a virtual view or virtual database. This federated data is profiled, cleansed, transformed, masked, and delivered in real time. As a result, the business gets the trustworthy data it needs without delay, making BI, MDM, and SOA integration projects more agile and lower in cost, through increased productivity and reuse.

Data Services

Informatica Data Services provides a single scalable architecture for both data integration and data federation, creating a data virtualization layer that hides and handles the complexity of accessing underlying data sources—all while insulating them from change. As a result, trusted and necessary data is made available, while IT retains control of the process by deploying data services that can be instantly reused for all applications without rework.

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Principaís Características

  • Role-based tools for business-IT collaboration
  • Single, combined platform for data integration and data federation
  • Integrated any-stage data profiling
  • Integrated on-the-fly data transformation, data quality, and data masking
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