Data is the Lifeblood of Business

The quality of data can make the difference between business success and failure. When unmanaged, bad data deteriorates even further, which in turn affects business agility. And for those in regulated industries, bad data can lead to policy breaches and a potentially hefty fine. Data quality solutions from Informatica transform data quality from liability to competitive advantage.

Gartner predicts that by 2017, 33% of Fortune 100 companies will experience information crises due to their inability to adequately value, govern and trust their enterprise information.

Source: Gartner Predicts 2014: Information Governance and MDM Are Critical for Digital Transformation, Analyst(s): Saul Judah, Bill O'Kane, Andrew White, Ted Friedman, Debra Logan, November 22nd, 2013

Regardless of your data location, volume or format, Informatica has a solution for you. Whether you want data quality on-premise or in the cloud, have Big Data or something smaller, need to improve data governance or dive into it for the first time, Informatica’s proven data quality solutions support  your organization's maturity and needs.

Define Your Data Quality Standards

Want to start a data quality initiative? Informatica Data Quality Standard Edition provides all the capabilities you need to discover, search, profile, standardize, build rules, deploy rules, create scorecards, manage exceptions and more. As additional projects get underway, you can reuse the same data quality rules to build and expand your company’s data quality standards.

Unparalleled Data Quality Enterprise Scale

Implementing enterprise-wide data quality requires a highly scalable solution. The Informatica Data Quality Advanced Edition gives you the scale required with enterprise grid and partitioning support. Additional enterprise-class capabilities include the ability to discover sensitive data and understand data relationships, as well as advanced matching to de-duplicate and standardize data from diverse sources. With deeper enterprise-wide visibility and insights, you can increase appreciation for the value of quality data and drive more effective business decisions.

Establishing Your Data Governance Practice

For establishing an end-to-end data governance process, Informatica Data Governance Edition is the ultimate choice. It provides the application infrastructure for managing data quality as a business process and enabling compliance with data governance policies and standards. And it provides for better decision making and collaboration with data stewards to ensure trusted data.

Data Quality in the Cloud

SaaS applications like Salesforce are powerful tools, but their data still needs to be cleansed. The more SaaS application data your business consumes, the more you need a hybrid approach to data quality that includes both on-premise and cloud-based tools. Learn more about Informatica Cloud and Cloud Data Quality.

Do-It-Yourself Data Profiling

If you want to start small by profiling a single data source, try PowerCenter Express, which includes column profiling. You can download this entry-level data integration tool for departments and SMBs from Informatica Marketplace and install it in ten minutes — and it's free! Download here.

Data Quality and MDM — an Essential Partnership

Data quality increases your data's accuracy, and therefore its value. Master Data Management (MDM) is about establishing a single source of truth for customers and products. Combined, they create a detailed, holistic view of your business. For more information on MDM click here.

Big Data Requires Big Data Quality

The more data you capture, the more inaccuracies you're likely to face. If you're storing vast amounts of data in Hadoop, you need data quality for Big Data. 

Informatica Data Quality, Key Features

Trust All Your Data, All The Time

Informatica Data Quality is designed to deliver the right data quality capabilities at the right time to the right users. Even without technical know-how, business analysts and data stewards can easily and continually understand and manage the level of their data quality within the context of their evolving data ecosystem.

9.6 Launch - DQ_DQ_Holistic-Data-Stewardship_300w.png

Data Analysis

A self-service interface gives business stakeholders easy access to all the tools they need to manage the entire data quality lifecycle: daily tasks, items to approve, issues to remediate, and fast navigation to related functionality. Business analysts and data stewards collaborate with peers as well as IT counterparts, seamlessly and without confusion.

9.6 Launch - DQ_DQ_EnterpriseDiscovery_300w.jpg

Enterprise Discovery

Informatica Data Quality makes it easy to visualize every aspect of your data — what you have, where it resides, how to access it, and how much of it is sensitive and in need of extra security. The ability to see your data and the relationships within it will accelerate your understanding of its quality and help you identify areas for improvement.

9.6 Launch - DQ_DQ_DiscoverySearch_300w.jpg

Discovery Search

Discovery Search makes it easy to find data assets, business terms, defined rules, and profiles — wherever they are in the enterprise — and drill down to understand how they relate to each other. Your business stakeholders not only grasp them better, but reuse them for greater consistency and faster deliverables.

9.6 Launch - DQ_DQ_Profiling_AT_300w.jpg

Data Profiling

Data profiling lets you analyze your business data for structure, completeness, and relevance — enabling you to identify and remediate bad data while creating policies and rules for consistent data representation across the enterprise.

9.6 Launch - DQ_DQ_rulebuilder_300w.jpg

Data Quality Rule Builder

The data quality rule builder provides a top-down policy driven experience that lets business stakeholders focus on logical definitions and business objectives without needing to access the data or learn another rule specification syntax.

9.6 Launch - DQ_DQ_Business-Glossary_300w.png

Business Glossary

The business glossary enables stakeholders to collaborate on, build, and manage a common business vocabulary across the organization for clear meaning and business context. Vocabulary can be linked to the underlying technical metadata to document semantic relationships and trace the dependencies, metrics and rules that influence technical implementations.  The business glossary also includes a vocabulary searchthat transparently uses keywords and semantic relationships for comprehensive results.

9.6 Launch – DI_Ent_PC_MM-Lineage_650w

Metadata Manager and Data Lineage

The Informatica Metadata Manager creates a frame of reference for your data by capturing details that support and influence your information systems: technical metadata about your data and data-impacting processes, business metadata about business terms, definitions, and owners, and operational data about how the data is used (operational metadata). Visual lineage and tabular impact summary views detail the data flow from origin to final report and archive, helping users to understand processing of data, both at rest and in motion. The metadata catalog defines a common reference point for planning and executing change, and is crucial for establishing data governance practices.

9.6 Launch - DQ_DQ_acc_mapping_only_300w.jpg

Data Quality Transformations

As part of the Informatica Data Quality feature set, all of the basic capabilities are provided out-of-the-box. Informatica Data Quality includes quality standardization, matching, formatting, duplication, deduplication, parsing, validation, enrichment, consolidation, address confirmation, and more, all provided out-of-the-box.

9.6 Launch - DQ_DQ_Self-Service-Videos_300w.png

Self-Service Training

A library of instructional videos is embedded in Informatica's data quality products for self-paced, learn-as-you-go training at your end users' fingertips.

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Data Quality Accelerators

Informatica Marketplace contains a wide array of Data Quality Accelerators that identify and correct low-quality data such as global names and customer addresses for greater productivity and faster time-to-value. Available packages include geography-based name and address standardization, delivery point validation, reference dictionaries, and prebuilt business rules.

Informatica Vibe™ Virtual Data Machine

Map Once. Deploy Anywhere.

Powered by Informatica's Vibe™ virtual data machine, data quality development is abstracted from the deployment. This allows you to build your data quality rules once, then deploy them to run directly on the Informatica Platform, on Hadoop, in the Cloud, or even embedded in your applications. As your underlying information architecture changes, you don't have to rewrite your data quality business rules. Informatica Vibe™ future-proofs your investment, allowing you to retain your data quality processes in your changing environment.

Compare these Informatica Data Quality editions to select the one that best fits your business data quality initiatives.

Data Quality
Standard Edition
(Data Projects)
Data Quality
Advanced Edition
(Enterprise Scale)
Data Quality
Governance Edition
Data Quality
Big Data Edition
Data Analyst (users) 5 10 50 10
Discovery Search
Data Profiling
Rule Builder
Data Quality Transformations
Exception Management
Reference Table Management
Data Quality Workflow
Identity Match Option ADD-ON
Data Domain and Enterprise Discovery ADD-ON DATA DOMAIN DISCOVERY
Grid Computing and Partitioning ADD-ON HADOOP
Data Quality Web Services ADD-ON ADD-ON
Universal Record ID ADD-ON ADD-ON
Proactive Monitoring for
Data Quality
Data Quality Accelerators ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
Hadoop-based Data Integration      
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