Global Address Data Quality

Poor address quality is expensive--it leads to failed deliveries, broken brand promises, and broken databases. And when you're running a global company with shipments all over the world, poor address quality can turn a molehill of mistakes into a mountain of misinformation.

Enter Informatica AddressDoctor, the world's leading solution for certified international address verification, correction and standardization. And the only address verification solution featuring all five global postal certifications in one engine. Whether your global address data is captured or stored in a CRM system, online shop, or database, Informatica AddressDoctor parses, cleanses, and formats it. It also appends accurate geocodes and consumer segmentation codes for most countries.

AddressDoctor has been setting the highest standards since 1991 for international address validation quality, performance, and expertise. Benefits include:

  • Optimized accuracy of your company's global address data by using the only software with all five postal certifications in one engine
  • Increased effectiveness of direct marketing campaigns by ensuring that offers reach customers and prospects at their correct addresses in a timely manner
  • Enhanced customer service by improving the quality of customer address data via address validation
  • Maximized IT efficiency while minimizing IT costs by implementing address standardization and validation as part of broader data integration initiatives

Informatica AddressDoctor is available as an on-premise or cloud stand-alone address verification solution or can be used with any of these Informatica core products:

Get to the bottom of your address quality problem and find out how to use AddressDoctor within your existing application.