Informatica Data Quality provides all your projects and initiatives with clean, high-quality data regardless of size, data format, platform, or technology. Whether you're validating and improving address information, profiling and cleansing business data, or implementing a data governance practice, Informatica Data Quality ensures your data quality requirements are met.

Data Quality Tools

Informatica Data Quality uses a unified platform to deliver authoritative and pervasive data quality to stakeholders, projects, and data domains for all business initiatives and applications. Powered by Informatica’s Vibe™ virtual data machine, it allows you to proactively discover, profile, monitor, and cleanse your data in a consistent and reusable manner—regardless of the underlying platform and technologies. The holistic data stewardship capabilities empower the business to share in the responsibility for data quality and data governance.

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Principaís Características

  • Enterprise discovery, discovery search, and data profiling
  • Data quality rule builder for business analysts
  • Role-based capabilities for developers and business analysts
  • Data standardization, validation, enrichment, de-duplication, and consolidation
  • Exception data handling with stakeholder approval process
  • Project versatility and universal data source connectivity
  • Powered by Vibe, Map Once, Deploy Anywhere™ technology


AddressDoctor by Informatica reduces shipping costs, increases productivity, and streamlines your business processes with global address validation, accessible within any Informatica application or stand-alone.

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Key Features

  • Address parsing, formatting, and standardization
  • Validation of addresses on a global scale
  • All five global postal certifications
  • Seamless operation on premise, in the cloud, or embedded in applications