Ensure Data Privacy and Compliance in Real Time

Informatica Dynamic Data Masking is dynamic data masking software that provides real-time capabilities to prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information. It allows your IT organization to apply sophisticated, flexible data masking rules based on a user’s authentication level. Informatica Dynamic Data Masking dynamically masks sensitive information and blocks, audits, and alerts end users, IT personnel, and outsourced teams who access sensitive information while ensuring quick compliance with privacy regulations.

  • Dramatically decrease the risk of a data breach
  • Easily customize data masking solutions for different regulatory or business requirements
  • Protect personal and sensitive information while supporting offshoring, outsourcing, and cloud-based initiatives
  • Secure big data by dynamically masking sensitive data in Hadoop

Informatica Dynamic Data Masking Key Features

Policy-Driven Real-time Database Security and Monitoring

  • Applies a multitude of security actions in real-time, dynamically masking, scrambling, hiding, blocking, auditing, and alerting about unauthorized access
  • Restricts end-users and IT personnel based on screen, table, column, row, and cell access level

Ease of Installation and Configuration

  • Quickly applies data masking algorithms to any sensitive data, in any format
  • Accelerates project timelines with predefined data masking rule sets for common business applications

Single, Scalable Solution

  • Scales to support hundreds of databases with a single installation
  • Enables quick and consistent access restriction across tools, applications, and environments by defining data masking policies once and applying them multiple times

Versatile and Non-intrusive to Applications, Databases or Hadoop

  • Prevents unauthorized access to custom applications, packaged applications, data warehouses, and operational data stores without impacting the underlying data or application performance
  • Supports Hadoop, virtualized and cloud computing environments

Integration with Authentication Software

  • Provides business critical information only to those required to see the data, based on selectively applied security rules
  • Leverages your organization’s existing identity management software to speed implementation time and increase your security footprint on applications and tools

Real-Time Data Masking and Blocking

  • Maintains the functional appearance, consistency, and integrity of masked data for complex enterprise applications by synchronizing data values within and across related rows and tables
  • Automatically chooses the technique based on policies such as scramble names or hide credit cards and salary information

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