End-To-End Data Integration Platform

The only fully integrated end-to-end data integration platform, Informatica PowerCenter Enterprise scales readily for any project, from one-offs to enterprise-wide initiatives. It converts raw data into information to drive analysis, daily operations, and data governance initiatives, delivering results at speeds up to five times faster than hand-coding and traditional graphical tools.

Data Integration Agility

When an end-to-end data integration process takes months to deliver results, the delay can postpone projects, raise costs, and increase risk. With PowerCenter Enterprise, you can jumpstart and accelerate data integration projects to complete them on time and under budget. Role-based tools share common metadata, foster instant business-IT collaboration, and let analysts and developers rapidly prototype, iterate, analyze, validate, deploy, and monitor their data integrations. The result? Projects delivered in days instead of months.

Scaling, Lineage

Scaling, Lineage

Enterprise Scalability

Scaling up to support large data volumes requires more than just throughput. PowerCenter Enterprise underpins your enterprise-wide data integration strategy by supporting any number and type of project and any volume of data while providing the governance you need. Informatica provides a common vocabulary that keeps business and IT in sync, while delivering visibility into data lineage so you can manage more users and more projects, more easily. And this occurs all through one familiar graphical user interface that leverages existing skills.

Analyst Tool, Developer Tool

Data Validation, Monitor and Alert

Operational Confidence

You can't afford to discover data integration failures after the fact. PowerCenter Enterprise protects your critical business processes by combining automated, auditable, and repeatable data validation testing with monitoring and proactive alerts to warn stakeholders when issues arise in your development and operational processes. With PowerCenter Enterprise validating data, monitoring operations, and enforcing best practices, you can spot and mitigate small problems before they explode into big ones that affect your organization's ability to function.

PowerCenter Enterprise forms the foundation for all your data and enterprise integration initiatives—including data governance, data migration, and enterprise data warehousing—setting the standard for high-performance enterprise data integration and quality software. It scales to support large volumes of disparate data sources and meets demands for security and performance.

  • Role-based tools support iterative business/IT collaboration and development as well as support business and department self-service
  • One-click prototype-to-production capability jumpstarts and accelerates data integration projects in the department, the enterprise, or even the Integration Competency Center (ICC)
  • Metadata-driven data integration with high-performance ETL engine, library of pre-built data transformations, and near universal connectivity
  • Rapid prototyping and data profiling instantly accesses and combines data from multiple sources to ensure requirements are met early and throughout the development process.
  • Graphical, intuitive metadata-driven views of data flows, impact analysis and lineage provide better change management and governance
  • Business-friendly user experience for authoring and managing business terms, with context-based business glossary of common business terms for enhanced business/IT collaboration
  • Support for grid computing environments with distributed processing, high availability, adaptive load balancing, dynamic partitioning
  • Specialized, high-performance pushdown of data transformation processing for optimal use of database resources
  • Rule-based early-warning system that monitors and alerts stakeholders about operational and development risks in their PowerCenter environments
  • Script-free automated, auditable, and repeatable data validation for rapid and complete ETL testing in production, development and test environments
  • Support for Hybrid IT with flexible deployment of reusable data integration logic in the department, the enterprise, or in the cloud

Compare these PowerCenter Enterprise editions to select the one that’s right for you.

Standard Advanced Premium Real Time Big Data
(requires Standard, Advanced,
or Premium Edition as a base)
Hadoop-based Data Integration                
Unstructured File Parsing                
Natural Language Processing                
Real Time Connectivity                
Web Services                
Monitoring and Alerting                
  • Operational uptime
  • Enforce development best practices
Data Validation                
  • Unit and system testing
  • Check validity of operational data
Metadata Manager and Data Lineage            
Business Glossary            
Additional Performance and Scalability            
  • Workflow on Grid
  • Session on Grid
  • High Availability
  • Partitioning
  • Push Down Optimization
Team-based Development and Versioning            
Basic XML Processing        
Connectors to Data Sources        
Basic Profiling        
Rapid Prototyping with Business/ IT Collaboration        
Batch Data Integration        

Big Data Edition

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