Your company needs to aggregate, exchange, and share data from multiple sources and partners at high speed and high volume. Informatica B2B Data Exchange makes it easy to integrate the volume and variety of data and streamline secure information exchange across channels for greater efficiency, stronger relationships, and improved operational performance.

With universal transformation for all data formats — including unstructured data, industry-standard data, XML, and a number of proprietary formats — Informatica B2B Data Exchange reduces onboarding time by up to 80 percent, rapidly identifies and resolves problems to improve customer and partner relationships, and maximizes overall operational performance.

  • Configuring instead of coding new interfaces dramatically reduces onboarding time of new external data sources and partners
  • An intuitive codeless development environment drastically cuts development time and costs by eliminating laborious, error-prone hand coding
  • A comprehensive set of pre-built industry libraries facilitates compliance with evolving regulatory requirements
  • End-to-end visibility dashboards monitor file transfers so you can identify and resolve issues before they impact the business


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Informatica B2B Data Exchange is designed so IT organizations can define processes and transformations, business users can configure these processes per partner and source, and IT and business alike can monitor data events and respond to changes as needed.

Business Driven Onboarding of New Data Sources

Flexible Integration

  • A single, easy-to-use interface enables advanced data transformation for any data type, regardless of format, complexity, or size: complex XML, industry formats (SWIFT, HL7, EDI X12, etc.), unstructured documents, even legacy data formats like COBOL copybooks
  • Business-driven onboarding makes adding new data exchange partners fast and seamless, with no need for IT resources
  • Massive scalability and extensibility to the Informatica Platform prepares you for whatever the next customer needs

Visualize Events and Monitor Key Performance Indicators

Quality Assured Data Exchange

  • In-line data quality validations ensure shared data is complete, accurate, and timely every time
  • Sophisticated role-based access controls enable business users to manage and monitor their partners without compromising security
  • Fully integrated Managed File Transfer guarantees the secure delivery of files through a broad range of communication protocols including FTP, SFTP, HTTPS, AS2, SMTP, plus 10 more

End-to-End Visibility and Performance Management

  • Advanced metadata capture capabilities add business context to information so you instantly understand how to act on it
  • User-configurable dashboards let you monitor partner performance metrics, check adherence to service level agreements, and generate vendor scorecards
  • User-configurable key performance indicators let you rapidly identify performance or process bottlenecks

Managed File Transfer Option

Secure and Control Mission-Critical Data Exchanges

The Informatica B2B Managed File Transfer Option extends Informatica B2B Data Exchange to manage the movement of large amounts of data, both internally and outside the firewall. This option enables end-to-end intra-enterprise data integration transferring, tracking, and reporting with simple deployment, high performance, robust security, and ease of use to streamline the entire file transfer lifecycle.

  • Use a single solution to transfer any file and message via any protocol
  • Boost productivity and decrease operational costs with preconfigured connections, wizards, customizable processes, and an intuitive user interface
  • Minimize business and regulatory risks of exposing sensitive data with advanced Drummond certification secured communication and accelerated encryption and certification options

Informatica B2B Managed File Transfer Option Key Features

  • Simplified compliance with easy monitoring, filtering, and viewing of file movement activities and status
  • Efficient functioning and improved customer service capability using more than 650 preconfigured connections and transparent, centralized monitoring, including alerts and email notifications

Business Activity Monitoring Option

Enables organization to track and monitor their B2B business and data activity

B2B Data Exchange - Business Activity Monitoring enables organizations to efficiently and visually track their business activities and monitor data and processes.
Data monitoring provides management and operations with a visual, consolidated and personalized way to monitor and focus on areas of interest using system and business KPIs such as events, errors, transactions and values.

Benefits of Activity Monitoring

  • Visual consolidated view of activities in B2B partner gateway
  • Enables highlighting of strategic issues and drill down to operational views for remedial action.
  • Flexible query and analysis through operational data store

Key features of Activity Monitoring:

  • Flexible dashboard which can be very easily customized and personalized to suit the specific organization and user needs.
  • Out-of-the-box operational KPI charts providing a consolidated view of the partner gateway business and data activities
  • Ability to create and edit business driven KPI’s
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