Reduce SAP NetWeaver BW Storage Costs with ILM Nearline

IT organizations can drive out costs from managing and maintaining SAP Business Warehouse instances with Informatica ILM Nearline certified for use with SAP NetWeaver BW. ILM Nearline is a highly scalable, high-performance software that empowers SAP administrators to shrink BW data volumes through archiving while maintaining seamless access for users from the SAP BW interface. Informatica ILM Nearline makes BW backup, recovery, and upgrades faster and easier. The software is ideal for improving query performance and minimizes management and infrastructure costs. By using the same access methods that were used when the data was still in production, users are not impacted by this cost-reduction opportunity.

  • Reduce BW storage costs by moving infrequently accessed data to a near-line data store
  • Free up resources by lowering storage and CPU requirements for aged data
  • Improve production data query and load performance by optimizing system resources for active BW data

Informatica ILM Nearline Key Features

Lowers Storage Costs with Superior Compression of BW Archived Data

  • Substantially compresses aged SAP NetWeaver BW data using a sophisticated compression algorithm
  • Regularly achieves 90%+ storage reduction, exceeding results traditionally available through standard databases

Maintains End User Native Access to Near-lined Data

  • Offers direct access to near-lined data as if still in the production BW database
  • Enables analytical queries to be performed on near-lined data without requiring reload into the production system

Reduces Administration Burden with Simplified Management of the Near-line Data Store

  • Provides immediate access to near-lined data from the SAP NetWeaver BW user interface, requiring no database administration
  • Delivers high query and load performance without the need for data store tuning
  • Maintains multiple schema versions to reflect changes in production, requiring no manual intervention or maintenance

Stands up to Compliance and eDiscovery Audits with Data Immutability and Authenticity

  • Prevents any modification of data once near-lined, through its read-only data store
  • Guarantees authenticity and pristine state of near-lined data

Works for both Small and Big Data volumes with Scalable and Limitless Data Growth Management

  • Allows for any amount of data to be near-lined, due to a unique non-monolithic architecture that scales easily on multiple servers and blades
  • Maintains high performance over time even as the system stores increasing amounts of data

Ideal for Enterprise Level Support of Storage Tiering

  • Stores data in independent, compressed files, allowing their migration from one location to another and between tiers of infrastructure
  • Integrates seamlessly to any storage platform (NAS, SAN, DAS, CAS, including EMC Centera and Hitachi HCP)

Services and Training

Informatica offers a full range of services and training to help you maximize the value of the Informatica Platform in your environment.

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