Improve Application Performance, Manage Data Growth, Ensure Compliance

Informatica Data Archive is highly scalable, full featured smart partitioning and data archiving software. It helps your IT organization significantly improve application performance and cost-effectively manage data growth in a range of enterprise business applications while lowering cost and risk. With Informatica Data Archive, your IT team can segment data based on business value, safely archive inactive application data, and deliver seamless access to archived data for the business.

  • Improve application performance by smart partitioning active data
  • Lower IT costs by archiving inactive data and legacy applications
  • Maintain easy and appropriate levels of access to archive data
  • Increase IT operational efficiencies with streamlined maintenance processes
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with complete enforcement of data retention and disposition policies

Informatica Data Archive Standard Edition

Significantly improve application and data warehouse performance while cost-effectively managing the explosion of data growth. With Informatica Data Archive Standard Edition, you can:

  • Improve application performance with Smart Partitioning
  • Lower costs and manage data growth with Live Archiving
  • Streamline maintenance processes through automation
  • Speed implementations with pre-built packaged application accelerators

Informatica Data Archive Advanced Edition

Safely retire legacy applications and drastically reduce infrastructure requirements. With Informatica Data Archive Advanced Edition, you can:

  • Benefit from full use of Data Archive Standard Edition
  • Drastically reduce infrastructure requirements with market leading data compression
  • Accelerate application retirement projects with simplified workflows
  • Maintain compliance with built-in data retention and disposition management
  • Meet business requirements with flexible options for retaining online access to archive data

Services and Training

Informatica offers a full range of services and training to help you maximize the value of the Informatica Platform in your environment.

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    Cloplay needed to keep control of data growth and reduce the costs associated with data.

    Cloplay needed to keep control of data growth and reduce the...
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  • EMC

    By standardizing on Informatica ILM for application retirement and live archiving, EMC anticipates saving up to hundreds of terabytes of storage and millions. It will also result in a complete payback on the Informatica investment within six months.

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    As it handles an ever-growing amount of data, the company must control IT spending while still guaranteeing that its storage infrastructure has ample capacity and nimble user response time.

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  • Vale

    Vale realized a complete return on this Informatica Application ILM investment within 18 months. The payback period was less than a year, once larger applications had been retired, and excessive data management costs, unnecessary hardware and software maintenance fees, and high data center expenses had all been eliminated.

    World’s second largest mining company maximizes return on data...

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