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  • Reduce management, software and hardware costs of legacy data
  • Manage data growth arising from acquired businesses
  • Optimize performance of the application infrastructure
Informatica Data Archive is a best-of-breed technology that has not only helped us drive down total cost of ownership but improve performance of mission critical assets, resulting in significant improvement in customer satisfaction.
— Ramesh Razdan
senior director of enterprise technology services
EMC Corporation


  • Anticipated savings of $1 million
  • Resulted in a complete payback on the Informatica investment within six months
  • Retired multiple candidate modules rapidly over a three-day period
  • Helped EMC safely manage its data growth
  • Ensured business has complete access to the data within the archive
  • Eliminate unnecessary software license and maintenance costs of legacy applications
  • Enable EMC to re-purpose servers and storage allocated to legacy applications to other business-critical IT projects
  • Guarantee transactional and referential integrity for all archived data
  • Ensure continued access to the archived data from an application-independent interface, with similar look and feel as original user interface

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