Informatica Master Data Management Certification

The Informatica family of Master Data Management products improves operations and decisions with consolidated and reliable data. With Master Data Management Certification, you increase your value in configuring the MDM Hub.

There are three levels of Master Data Management Certification designed to define product competency by job role:

  • The Informatica Certified Specialist exam assesses your understanding of an Informatica product and validates that you can contribute to an Informatica project implementation as a team member.
  • The Informatica Certified Expert exam evaluates your fluency with Informatica's proven implementation methodology, Informatica Velocity® and validates your ability to lead an Informatica project team.
  • The Informatica Certified Master exam tests your ability to apply Informatica technology to solve a particular problem and establishes that you can contribute as an experienced member of the project team.​

Informatica Certified Specialist (ICS) Level Exams for Master Data Management

ICA Master Data Management Administrator

This exam assesses your skills and capabilities in the installation of Informatica MDM (in both test and user environments). You need to know where to find information, how to troubleshoot, and how to set and view log files. You also need to know about Informatica MDM upgrade processes and security.

ICA Master Data Management Developer

This exam measures your competency as a member of a project implementation team. You should be able to explain and identify the MDM product architecture, and to configure its main components including cleanse engine, match server, hierarchy manager, data governance tools and workflows.

In addition, you should be able configure the MDM Hub tools and workbenches to build an organization’s data model, configure and execute the MDM Hub data management processes such as the Landing, Staging, Trust, Load, Match and Merge. You should be able set up security, provide for external application access to MDM Hub services, and other customization tasks by using the Services Integration Framework (SIF) and User Exits. You should also be able to use the Metadata Manager tool to validate an organization’s metadata, promote changes between repositories, import objects into repositories, export repositories, and related tasks. Finally, you should be able to describe the MDM Hub Resource Kit.

Informatica Certified Expert (ICE) Level Exams for Master Data Management

The Informatica Certified Expert level exam measures your competency as an experienced team member of the Informatica project implementation team. To become an Informatica Certified Expert you must demonstrate field experience with Informatica products. You must also pass a performance-based exam in physical or virtual proctored environment in which you are presented with a customer business problem. You will be evaluated on your ability to solve this problem using the Informatica product within a virtual environment.

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Program information, frequently asked questions, scheduled availability for new exams, and exam overviews, known as Skill Set Inventories, can be found under "Certification Guides" on the Informatica University Communities page.

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