Optimize Database Cloning Without Compromising System Performance

Informatica Fast Clone quickly unloads and extracts Oracle data into a universally portable format for movement into a variety of target systems. Without compromising production system performance, it allows high-speed cloning of terabytes of this data into a host of other databases, data warehouses, analytical appliances, and Big Data stores such as Hadoop. Its rapid unload, high ratio of compression, and highly parallelized distribution of data across heterogeneous systems increases your productivity by rapidly providing the data whenever and wherever it’s needed.

  • Reduce storage needs and network overload by rapidly extracting and compressing data from large databases
  • Accelerate project delivery by automatically preparing input for various high-speed loaders
  • Ensure high-performance, scalable, and secure data transfer and migration

Informatica Fast Clone Key Features

Built-In, On-the-Fly Compression for Data Unloading and Loading

  • Allows terabytes of data to be moved quickly in a single process, significantly reducing storage needs and network overhead
  • Gets target systems up to speed with the operational data sourced from Oracle databases prior to moving to real-time updates using Informatica Data Replication

Intuitive GUI for Configuring, Scheduling, and Monitoring

  • Easily configures output and enables scheduling and proactive monitoring of unload/load tasks
  • Supports various file formats such as fixed-length records, EBCDIC character sets, Comp-3, and Teradata binary format

Automated Input Preparation for High-Speed Database Loaders

  • Dynamically generates schema definition scripts and scripts for Oracle external tables load
  • Improves productivity and time to value while reducing errors and the need for programming

Broad Platform, Database, and OS Support

  • Works with major databases and data warehouses, including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Teradata, Netezza, Exadata, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Vertica, and Greenplum
  • Supports most operating systems and platforms, including Solaris (SPARC, x86), HP-UX (PARISC, IA64), AIX, Tru64, Windows, and Linux (i386, x64, IA64)

Services en training

Informatica biedt een compleet pakket services en trainingen waarmee bedrijven optimaal rendement kunnen halen uit het Informatica-platform.

Meer informatie over services

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