Access and Deliver Enterprise Data Quickly, Easily, Cost-Effectively

Informatica PowerExchange is a family of products that enables your IT organization to retrieve all sources of enterprise data without having to develop custom data-access programs. By accessing mission-critical operational data where it's stored and delivering it where and when it's needed, your IT organization can maximize its limited resources and the business value of its data.

  • Lower development costs by supporting rapid impact assessment and deployment as changes arise, through automated metadata capture
  • Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data by accessing data directly, rather than extracting files and transferring them to less-secure environments
  • Maximize return on investments by supporting rapid access to standards-based sources and targets, enhancing business agility

Informatica PowerExchange Key Features

Accelerated Access to Enterprise Data

  • Requires no specialized programming skills to update enterprise data, minimizing administrative effort
  • Employs flexible object filtering techniques to rapidly locate needed data
  • Uses a point-and-click interface to accelerate development and reduce errors

Optimized for Each Environment

  • Supports native datatypes and special features of each environment
  • Uses available native interfaces and high-speed APIs
  • Exposes the capabilities of each application with a purpose-built GUI

PowerExchange for Databases and Data Warehouses

Informatica PowerExchange for Databases and Data Warehouses provides access to all major enterprise database systems and data warehousing environments.

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Supported Applications and Interfaces

Supported Applications and Interfaces
Enterprise Data Stores Source Target CDC Option
Adabas for UNIX, Windows  
Adabas for z/OS *
Binary Flat Files  
DB2 for i5/OS
DB2 for Linux,
UNIX and Windows
DB2 for z/OS
IDMS   *
Dynamic Server
SQL Server

* Supports log-based change capture

Data Warehouse Environments Source Target Interfaces Supported
Netezza Performance Server ODBC
Teradata TPT, ODBC
HP Neoview ODBC, ODBC, Transporter
EMC Greenplum  

PowerExchange for Enterprise Applications

Informatica PowerExchange for Enterprise Applications provides access to all major enterprise and packaged applications, whether they are on-premise, outsourced, or hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS).

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PowerExchange for Hadoop

Informatica PowerExchange for Hadoop provides access to support data-intensive distributed applications.

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PowerExchange for Mainframes

Informatica PowerExchange for Mainframes provides access to enterprise data housed on z/OS and z/Linux in popular relational and pre-relational systems.

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PowerExchange for Messaging Systems

Informatica PowerExchange for Messaging Systems provides access to the message-oriented middleware (MOM) used in many high-performance, event-driven, and enterprise application integration (EAI) architectures.

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PowerExchange for Midrange

Informatica PowerExchange for Midrange Systems provides access to enterprise data stored on i, i5/OS, and OS/400 systems.

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PowerExchange for Social Media Networks

Informatica PowerExchange for Social Media provides access to data from popular social networks.

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PowerExchange for Technology Standards

Informatica PowerExchange for Technology Standards provides access to data via industry-wide technology standards, such as email, LDAP, and Web services.

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Change Data Capture Option

Satisfy Requirements for Up-to-the-Minute Data with Change Data Capture

The Informatica PowerExchange Change Data Capture Option captures changes in a number of environments as they occur, enabling your IT organization to deliver up-to-the-minute data to the business. Based on patented technology, this option recognizes business events—such as customer creation or order shipment data—by capturing the database inserts, updates, and deletes underlying these events as soon as they occur. This captured stream of database activity can be delivered to multiple targets in real time, without intermediate queues or staging tables. Event-driven data captured by this option can be transformed and cleansed continuously and used to drive business processes. This option is available for all popular enterprise database systems.

  • Improve IT’s responsiveness to the business by supporting right-time access and delivery of data, regardless of its source
  • Enhance business agility by enabling business events, not technology, to drive business processes
  • Reduce IT costs by using fewer machine resources than batch data access requires and by relying on
    point-and-click development methods

Informatica PowerExchange Change Data Capture Option Key Features

  • Easy-to-use graphical interface that supports rapid impact assessment and deployment as changes arise, powered by automated metadata capture
  • Flexible, noninvasive capture changes from relational and pre-relational databases on mainframe, midrange, and commodity systems
  • Secure, codeless access to captured changes for accessing changes once and routing them to multiple targets without using staging tables or intermediate queues
  • Visibility into captured changes from committed transactions so that you can deliver the latest version of data—even when hundreds or even thousands of changes are made to it daily

Services & Training

Informatica offers a full range of services and training to help you maximize the value of the Informatica Platform in your environment.

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