Data integration used to be simple. But with the explosion of data and the emergence of new technologies, what was once simple now seems impossible.

There is more information, from more sources, than ever before. Fragmented data in multiple systems can be your biggest barrier to gaining a competitive advantage. You want to keep your business agile. But how?

Take the Guesswork Out of Great Data

Data Integration

Business agility needs data integration agility. Make data integration a team sport and organizational core competence, not just a series of one off projects. It needs to happen in days or hours, not weeks or months. Trusted data needs to be available anytime, anywhere. And it needs to be great. It needs to be great all the time.

Great data is never an accident. It happens by design. How can your data become great? That depends on how well you and your team can find, cleanse, and transform data to fit your individual business needs.

Informatica offers the industry's first data integration and quality platform that takes the guesswork out of great data. Small or big data, clean or dirty, complete or incomplete – Informatica solutions deliver clean, safe and connected data by design.

Deploy On Premise And In The Cloud

Information Solution

Maximize your information potential at the enterprise level, at the departmental level, or in the Cloud with Informatica solutions, powered by Vibe, the industry's only Virtual Data Machine.

Vibe allows data integration to be deployed in the cloud or on premise; in databases, applications, middleware, or on a Hadoop cluster; in batch, request/response, or real time. Ready to run, with no recoding necessary. Clean and connected data like never before. IT can move beyond re-skilling and re-programming and reuse skills across projects to better align with your business needs.

Evolve your data infrastructure to support any user project or environment with a platform that can quickly adapt to change. Make high performance, agile data integration a reality.