Harness Your Data to Deliver Real-time Customer Self-Service and Optimize Transportation Operations

To keep up with the demands of the information age, transportation firms must do more than simply move passengers or shipments from point A to point B on time. Customers demand constant real-time visibility and increased self-service. Employees must provide just-in-time service via a combination of traditional tools and mobile devices. Managers need the business insight to optimize schedules and routes, hedge fuel costs, create the right marketing offers, set competitive fares and rates, and identify and retain top employees. And transportation competitors drive you to do all of this faster, better and cheaper.

The Informatica solution for transportation provides the data integration and management foundation to harness all the data at your disposal. It empowers you to transform all your data —data from operational applications, GPS trackers, engine sensors, RFID tags, weather reports, mobile devices, oil price feeds, partners, and customers—into a strategic asset for keeping customers loyal, wringing out costs, and running operations smoothly.

With this solution, transportation, travel, and logistics providers can:

  • Increase customer self-service with real-time integration and delivery of shipment tracking data
  • Lower maintenance and operational costs by integrating fleet management data
  • Increase on-time rates, reduce idle time, and minimize fuel costs using accurate, trusted data for scheduling and route optimization
  • Improve customer insight and increase sales with robust analytics
  • Lower costs and reduce on-boarding time for customers and partner carriers by streamlining deliveries data exchange

Ten of the top 13 Fortune 500 transportation companies rely on Informatica. Don’t let transportation data issues hold you back. We can help.

U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc.

High quality data on thousands of trucks enabled U.S. Xpress to dramatically cut gas costs and truck idle time to become greener.

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Con-Way Freight

Con-way freight leverages Informatica, MicroStrategy and Netezza to create high-efficiency business intelligence solution

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BNSF Railway

Explosive growth in the demand for delivery by rail meant BNSF was facing fierce competition. To improve customer service and control costs, the company needed to modernize the systems that allow customers to track their shipments in real time.

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Ensenda manages a network of the top local delivery firms linked through its real-time technology that enables shippers to offer quality delivery experiences to their customers.

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