Use Energy Data and Utilities Data to Optimize Operations and Gain Valuable Insights

Energy and utilities companies are continually investing in infrastructure and technology. While looking to boost revenues and improve customer satisfaction, forward-thinkers in the industry are gaining insight from their energy data and utilities data, using it to realize untapped business potential.

By leveraging their energy data and utilities data better, companies can streamline customer service, improve asset and workforce management, bolster security, and bill more accurately. As a result, these companies optimize operations and deliver fast and accurate reports to gain valuable business insights.

Thirty two of the top 57 Fortune 500 energy and utilities companies work with Informatica. Don’t let energy data and utilities data issues hold you back. We can help.

Thames Water

Thames Water, the world's third largest water company, cut extraction phase costs by more than 50% by using Informatica PowerCenter and PowerExchange to create a data warehouse to identify and manage decision support elements.

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Southern Company

Southern Company, one of the largest electricity producers in the US, reduced risk and expense with automated migration processes and accurate data by using Informatica PowerCenter when they migrated 15 years of data across three power plants.

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Scottish Power

ScottishPower used Informatica to create a data quality platform and identify issues across 12 applications and give the company a holistic customer view.

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