Unlock Trusted Data for Better Business Outcomes

The Informatica solution for data quality ensures that authoritative and trustworthy data is available to all stakeholders and data domains, for all projects and business applications, enabling your company to trust all of its data, for all its needs, at all times. With pervasive data quality, enterprise data becomes trusted data, ensuring success in key strategic initiatives, including:

  • Data Warehousing: deliver on the promises of warehousing and analytics by building a solution supported by trusted data.
  • Master Data Management (MDM): build the most complete and comprehensive customer and product views that are free of quality issues.
  • Data Governance: take a strategic approach to governance by discovering all data quality issues and ensuring all stakeholders across the organization can take part in governing data over its lifetime.
  • Enterprise Applications: greatly reduce the effort required to analyze data across applications by standardizing and managing data quality rules across the business.

Built on the Informatica Platform the Informatica solution for data quality empowers line-of-business managers, data stewards, and business analysts to collaborate in addressing enterprise data quality. By making the business more self-sufficient and IT more productive, data quality improvement can become an enterprise-wide focus, greatly reducing dependence on scarce IT resources while driving better business outcomes.

Leveraging the Informatica solution for data quality, global enterprises are building better data quality solutions that help increase revenue, reduce cost, and manage risk. Fortune 500 companies around the globe unlock trusted data across the enterprise by:

  • Proactively monitoring and cleansing the data for all applications and keeping it clean
  • Enabling the business to share in the responsibility for data quality and data governance
  • Driving better business outcomes with trusted enterprise data

Informatica Products for Data Quality

Data Quality

Achieves pervasive data quality for all stakeholders, projects, applications using a single, unified platform.

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Data Explorer

Finds hidden risks, pinpoints structural issues, and stops quality problems from spreading in data.

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Validates addresses as you parse, cleanse, and standardize global address data and apply geocoding.

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