Integrate Data Across SaaS Applications

Keep your data accurate, complete and up to date while still allowing your users to access it whenever and wherever they need with Informatica Cloud solution for software as a service (SaaS) integration. Cloud-based applications, platforms and infrastructure can leave fragmented data scattered across the enterprise, both inside and outside the firewall but Informatica Cloud solution for SaaS integration integrates data between cloud-based and on-premise systems.

Powered by Informatica's market-leading data integration technology, Informatica Cloud solution for SaaS integration delivers easy-to-use, purpose-built SaaS integration cloud applications that enable virtually any type of data integration to be delivered via SaaS:

  • Updating and synchronizing specific business processes, such as customer/product master synchronization or opportunity to order
  • Integrating data between cloud applications and SaaS platforms such as Salesforce CRM and with your on-premise applications databases and files
  • Allowing your IT organization to remain in control while delivering self-service cloud integration and SaaS integration to the business

Maximize the Value of Your Cloud Computing Investment with SaaS Integration

Get the most from your organization's investment in cloud-based systems by ensuring the data in those systems is timely, accurate. and complete with SaaS integration. Informatica Cloud solution for SaaS integration enables you to ensure your data is available precisely when your users need it and is always fully synchronized across every system, both in the cloud and on-premise.

Informatica Cloud solution for SaaS integration provides the tools you need to access and integrate cloud-based data with on-premise sources, quickly and securely. It includes:

  • Cloud integration endpoints and plug-ins enabling Informatica Cloud solution for SaaS integration to connect to almost any application, system, or data source, including SaaS applications for SaaS integration
  • A powerful platform incorporating the registration, user and task flow management, job scheduling and monitoring, error handling, compression, and encryption of the industry-leading Informatica PowerCenter SaaS data integration engine
  • Open cloud connectivity for IT organizations already using Informatica's data integration technology, delivering fast self-service scalability application migration, synchronization, and replication for robust SaaS integration

Rely on the SaaS Integration Expert

As the industry-leading data integration company with both SaaS integration and IaaS integration solutions, Informatica has the expertise you need to reduce risk, minimize errors, and increase ROI while integrating cloud applications into your larger data infrastructure. With Informatica Cloud ( solution for SaaS integration, you can:

  • Build, manage, and share custom data integration services in the cloud
  • Choose from a wide range of prepackaged endpoints and plug-ins for applications, databases, flat files, and file feeds— even social networking sites — for versatile SaaS integration
  • Deliver data to the right place, at the right time, in the right format, no matter where it resides with SaaS integration and IaaS integration

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