Protect Sensitive Data and Enhance Regulatory Compliance with Data Privacy

Informatica solutions for data privacy are based on proven, next-generation technology that enables organizations to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively manage and protect their private and sensitive data, decrease the risk of data breaches, and effectively meet compliance requirements for production and non-production environments on a timely basis.

Based on an innovative, open architecture, these comprehensive solutions are highly flexible and scalable, and provide for real-time or batch processing – dynamic or persistent.  With easy, fast, and transparent deployment, plus a centralized management platform, Informatica solutions for data privacy will help your organization to maintain control and access to your transactional and analytic data, minimize compliance costs, and ensure data privacy.

Minimize Risk of Regulatory Noncompliance with Data Privacy

Sensitive personal, financial, and health information is governed by a variety of industry and governmental data privacy regulations. If organizations fail to maintain data privacy, they face hefty financial and legal penalties as well as a substantial loss of consumer and market confidence.  It is essential that organizations protect hundreds of applications and databases from business users, production support teams, DBAs, developers, and offshore and outsourced teams, while still allowing them to do their jobs.  Without a comprehensive, flexible data privacy solution in place, organizations risk:

  • Exposure of sensitive data to unauthorized users, compromising its security
  • Noncompliance with strict governmental regulations such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), HIPAA, PCI Data Security Standard, and the European Union’s Personal Data Protection Directive
  • Potentially devastating consequences of noncompliance, including bad publicity and heavy fines
  • Customer defection due to loss of trust in data privacy policies

Ensure Data Privacy and Minimize Risk of A Data Breach

Informatica solutions for data privacy address the unique challenges that IT organizations face in securing sensitive data in both production and nonproduction environments.  This solution enables IT organizations to:

  • Audit, block access to, or dynamically mask sensitive production data and personally identifiable information (PII) – without imparting changes to the application database or to the application source code
  • Protect data privacy according to sensitivity classifications, while retaining referential integrity and contextual correctness
  • Integrate with LDAP, ActiveDirectory, and identity access management (IAM) software to perform real-team identity and role resolution
  • Realize returns on investment through rapid installation and implementation
  • Run processes and view application screens without  exposing real production data
  • Obfuscate sensitive data and protect data privacy in development, test, and training copies, while still working with realistic data sets
  • Speed deployment times through prepackaged data privacy and masking policies that quickly create secure test data sets for packaged applications

Informatica Products for Data Privacy

Data Masking

Secures sensitive or confidential data in production and nonproduction systems.

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