Rapid Access to Disparate Data Across Projects Without Rework

Informatica Data Services provides a single environment for data integration and data federation along-with role-based tools that share common metadata. It allows analysts to access and merge data directly across systems and to collaborate with IT to create sophisticated business rules that leverage the data profiling, complex transformations, data quality, and data masking capabilities of the Informatica platform. With Informatica Data Services, your company benefits from a single scalable architecture for both data integration and data federation, creating a data virtualization layer that hides and handles the complexity of accessing underlying data sources—all while insulating them from change. As a result, analysts get the data they need and trust while IT retains control of the process. IT can deploy data services that can be instantly reused for all applications without rework.

  • Increase business agility by delivering data to analysts up to five times faster
  • Improve efficiency by cutting development and maintenance costs as much as 66 percent
  • Boost productivity and lower risk with powerful, easy-to-use tools, policies, and governance capabilities

Informatica Data Services Key Features

Role-based Tools for Business-IT Collaboration

  • Informatica Analyst, a web-based tool, allows analysts to access, combine, and profile data and build business rules directly without IT intervention
  • Informatica Developer, an Eclipse-based development environment, enables IT developers and architects to build, configure, and deploy reusable data services
  • Informatica Administrator gives IT administrators centralized control over data services configuration, deployment, monitoring, and management

Single, Combined Platform for Data Integration and Data Federation

  • Leverages a single, optimized high-performance engine for both data integration and data federation
  • Sources and combines data from multiple heterogeneous sources into a single virtual view or virtual database

Integrated Any-Stage Data Profiling

  • Uses data profiling services to understand the structure and quality of all data and logic at any time and to document with valuable metadata
  • Enables the sharing of profiling results easily and regularly to ensure that business users’ requirements are met earlier in the process

Integrated On-the-Fly Data Quality

  • Allows the reuse of native data quality rules for cleansing, enrichment, matching, and standardization across projects without rework
  • Applies pre-built library of data quality rules to federated data in real time without preprocessing, staging, or physical consolidation

Instantly Reusable Data Services for BI, SOA, and MDM

  • Employs an open, model-driven approach to build reusable logical data objects based on business entities (e.g., CUSTOMER, PRODUCT, ORDER)
  • Quickly delivers a model-driven, standards-based data abstraction layer to insulate all applications from changes in underlying data sources

Centralized Data Security and Governance

  • Allows declaration of policies and rules for the security, privacy, quality, and freshness of data
  • Enables central enforcement and management of policies and rules across federated data for all data services in a single unified environment

Services & Training

Informatica offers a full range of services and training to help you maximize the value of the Informatica Platform in your environment.

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