Replicate Data With Ease Across Heterogeneous Data Sources Without Compromising Data Integrity

Informatica Data Replication is database-agnostic, real-time transaction replication software that’s highly scalable, reliable, and nondisruptive to the performance of operational source systems. It enables IT organizations to provide the business with access to the most current data—irrespective of the complexity and diversity of the IT landscape. By dramatically improving the availability of data across your organization, the software empowers the business to operate efficiently without the constraints of stale data.

  • Enhance business agility with continuous access to the freshest data in your reporting and analytics environment, regardless of data volumes
  • Expedite time to value with a replication technology that is simple to use, easy to configure, and quick to deploy
  • Lower costs by using a single noninvasive technology for data capture and delivery across heterogeneous data stores, eliminating the need to invest in multiple database-specific products

Informatica Data Replication Key Features

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Interface

  • Eliminates the need for scripting by using GUI-driven mapping, configuration, deployment, scheduling, and management
  • Allows you to design once and deploy anywhere across a distributed landscape and from a centralized location

Unobtrusive, Log-Based Change Data Capture

  • Extracts data with minimal impact on operational source systems by accessing database transactional logs instead of using performance-impacting database resources
  • Rapidly transfers transactional data changes to target systems with low latency and without compromising data integrity

Heterogeneous Support and Database Independence

  • Works with a wide range of traditional and emerging source and target systems, seamlessly delivering data to databases, warehouses, analytical appliances, and big data stores
  • Facilitates schema and DDL replication across heterogeneous environments via simple point and click and with no coding involved

High Scalability and Reliability

  • Optimizes data transfer into warehouses and appliances, using a multithreaded architecture backed with automatic intelligent parallelism, making it easy to scale across large volumes
  • Guarantees reliability of data transfer through a unique check-point mechanism, which supports recoverability from exceptions that could otherwise disrupt delivery into the target

End-to-End Integration

  • Complements the award-winning Informatica Platform to meet all your needs for data integration, data movement, data quality, and data currency
  • Easily integrates with the other data management technologies in the Informatica Platform to provide a sophisticated suite of data management capabilities

Services & Training

Informatica offers a full range of services and training to help you maximize the value of the Informatica Platform in your environment.

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