UMass Memorial Health Care is the largest nonprofit healthcare system in central and western Massachusetts and the clinical partner of the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Approximately 1,700 physicians are members of the active medical staff, and UMass Memorial has 12,350 employees. In 2010, the system treated 58,937 inpatients and counted more than 1.4 million outpatient visits.


  • Deliver efficient, high-quality, safe, patient- and family-centered care
  • Focus on cost control, productivity, and implementing value-based processes
  • Develop and execute comprehensive referral management strategy
  • Grow patient population by partnering with other community health care providers and by investing in selected services
Using the Informatica Platform, we will know who our primary care patients are and how many there are of them. . . . This data will be vital in the development of the strategy to improve clinical outcomes, grow the patient population, and increase efficiency.
— George Brenckle
UMass Memorial Health Care


  • Improves decision making and clinical outcomes
  • Helps grow the patient population
  • Transforms UMass Memorial’s previously fragmented group of hospitals, clinics, and programs into one unified, agile, and data-centric healthcare organization
  • Increases administrative and operational efficiency, eliminating majority of previous report creation time
  • Resolves patient, provider and encounter data quality problems across 11 source systems to allow aggregation and analysis of data not previously possible
  • Deployed primary care patient population report in only seven weeks
  • Enhances relationships with referring physicians/providers

Technologies Used