Data Warehouse Implementation Without Breaking the Bank

Reduce the costs, time, and risks of implementing your data warehouse with the complete integration capabilities of the Informatica solution for data warehouse design and development. Based on the comprehensive Informatica Platform, the Informatica solution for data warehouse design & development offers everything your organization needs to access, discover, cleanse, and integrate data into a data warehouse. Leveraging the open architecture of the Informatica Platform, IT professionals can fast-track data warehouse projects, finally placing your valuable data in an easily accessible, scalable, and cost-efficient data warehouse that can be used for immediate, departmental needs, or as an enterprise-wide data warehouse.

The Informatica data warehouse solution is ideal for:

  • Quickly and cost-effectively implementing a data mart or departmental data warehouse that can easily scale up to an enterprise data warehouse
  • Minimizing the costs and risks of data warehouse projects
  • Deploying your data warehouse faster, with minimal maintenance time

With the Informatica solution, you can implement a data warehouse that provides your company with improved minute-by-minute decision-making abilities, visibility across business units, and transparency for regulatory compliance.

Maximum data warehouse flexibility allows you to easily add incremental capabilities to your data warehouse as needed to meet changing requirements or growing demand.

The Informatica solution for data warehouse design & development makes it economical to create a data warehouse that lets you harness all your company's data regardless of location, format, volume or latency.