Frequently Asked Questions


What is a "Guaranteed to Run" class?
We will deliver all Guaranteed to Run training classes regardless of the number of attendees. This guarantee does not cover delays or cancellations due to circumstances beyond Informatica University's control, including but not limited to:

  • Accidents
  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Any acts of God that prevent normal business operations

Please see terms and conditions for full policy when you register for a course.

What do I need to bring with me to my public class?
Nothing. All required learning materials are provided in the classroom.

What is the required clothing attire for class attendance?
Casual attire is recommended, we want you to be comfortable - however, we ask that you not wear inappropriate T-shirts or cut offs.

What time does class start / end?
The class start time is included in your class confirmation e-mail. Typically most Informatica education centers open at 8:30 am (daily) with classes starting at 9:00 am. Classes end approximately at 5:00 pm (daily). There is a lunch break as well as a 15-minute mid-morning break and mid-afternoon break.

For help locating a course that fits your schedule, e-mail us at or call us at one of our global numbers.

I am having trouble finding the course I need or I found the Informatica course I would like to take, but there is not a location close to me on the schedule.
For additional information, e-mail us at or call us at one of our global numbers.

How do I know that my class has been confirmed?
After your payment has been received and the class has been confirmed you will receive an email confirmation letter. For our "Guaranteed to Run" classes you will receive an email confirmation after your payment has been received.

Can I buy Informatica University courseware separately?
No, Informatica University course materials are not separately for sale. You must register for and attend a class to receive the manuals.

I am new to Informatica products, how can I find out what classes I need to take?
Plan your Informatica educational path by going to our course directory or, emailing us at, or calling us at one of our global numbers.

What is On-site Training?
In addition to our publicly-scheduled classes, our instructor-led courses can be delivered as an on-site class at your location. On-site training events are designed to meet your needs, while reducing the impact on your business and training budget. To request on-site training e-mail us at or call us at one of our global numbers.

What is included in a standard on-site class?
Typically pricing for an on-site event will include an Informatica instructor, all courseware and set up documentation.

Where can I find you on social sites?
Informatica University has the following handles:


When do my public training course fees have to be paid?
For public training classes a form of payment must be received by Informatica University no later than three business days prior to the first day of class in order to remain in the class and confirm your seat. Failure to provide payment by this date may result in removal from the class, and/or late cancellation fees applied. You can submit payment in the form of a Purchase Order, credit card, or Informatica Pre-Paid Training Credits to Alternatively, the Informatica University fax number is: +1-614-388-5541.

What are pre-paid training credits?
Training credits may be purchased and applied towards any Informatica University offering, including: Public training courses, on-site training courses, Informatica University Virtual Academy, onDemand, and Informatica Professional Certification exams. The cost of training credits depends on the quantity purchased. Training credits are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Public Course and Informatica University Virtual Academy Pricing: Per one 8-hour day of instruction, standard public courses require 10 training credits and premium public courses require 12 training credits. For courses with durations less than one day, the credits are prorated.

On-site (Customer Site) Course Pricing: Per one 8-hour day of instruction for up to 10 students, standard on-site courses require 80 training credits and premium on-site courses require 88 training credits. Additional students (up to 15 students) are 8 credits per student per day of instruction. The training credit fees cover all course fees and materials, but not instructor travel expenses. The Customer is responsible for any facility rental charges if class is not held at the Customer's facility. If the instructor is based in the same city as the customer, we do not charge for travel expenses.

View discount schedules.

My company has purchased Informatica Pre-paid Training Credits, how do I use them?
When registering online the attendee should obtain the purchase credit access key from the designated Credit Administrator. During the on-line registration processes the attendee will be prompted to choose a payment method. Choose "Purchase Credits" and enter the access key in the field provided.

Is there sales tax on Informatica University courses?
Typically, within the United States, sales taxes do not apply to course fees. However, for some international locations sales taxes do apply and the Customer is responsible for determining applicability and for satisfying any taxation requirements. You will want to check with your Accounts Payable department to determine what if any applicable taxes need be accounted for.

What is subscription pricing?
Informatica University now offers a scalable and powerful way to get you trained across our entire product portfolio. With our onDemand offerings, you can access web-based content anytime in any subject that we cover, and use our onDemand labs to practice and hone your skills. The subscription pricing is available for single and multiple users and grants named users access for one year to all our onDemand content as well as a generous allotment of hours in our onDemand labs to practice the exercise. You will also receive electronic copies of all the student and lab guides to help guide you through the courses.

What is the early bird pricing discount?
Informatica University rewards you for planning early with its Early Bird discount. Register and pay for your next course at least 30 calendar days in advance and receive a 15% discount off the list price. The Early Bird discount applies to all public training that is instructor-led or in Informatica Virtual Academy (IVA) format. For more information about this and other discounts, please call us at one of our global numbers.


What is the cancellation policy for Informatica University?
Requests for cancellations or date transfers need to be received by Informatica University at least ten (10) business days prior to the event start date in order to receive a full refund. If a cancellation or reschedule request is received less than ten (10) business days before the start date, the penalty of 100% of the cost of the course will be applied so none of the fee will be refunded. Refunds will not be allowed for "no-shows" in our public training or IVA courses. This cancellation policy is strictly enforced.

What happens if Informatica needs to cancel or reschedule a course?
Informatica reserves the right to cancel events for any reason at any time. Cancellation liability for Informatica if Informatica cancels the course is limited to the return of course payment ONLY. Informatica will not reimburse registrants for any other costs including but not limited to any travel cancellation fees or penalties, including airfare and hotel costs. PLEASE NOTE: If your registration status is either "New", or "In Progress" you have not been confirmed for the class and it is recommended that you do not make any travel arrangements until you have received a confirmation e-mail letting you know the class and registration is confirmed.

How will I know if my course has been rescheduled?
Informatica University reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a course due to low enrollment or if necessitated by other circumstances. Informatica University will contact you via e-mail or phone to inform you of the change of schedule. Once you have been notified you may reschedule or receive a full credit. Informatica University shall not be liable for any other costs including but not limited to any non-refundable travel arrangements if a course is rescheduled or cancelled.

“Guaranteed To Run” Course Policy

What is a “Guaranteed to Run” class?
A “Guaranteed to Run” class will have no cancellations, no rescheduling—guaranteed. When you register for one of our “Guaranteed to Run” classes, you can rely on the fact that Informatica University will not cancel or reschedule based on the number of attendees.

This guarantee does not cover delays or cancellations due to circumstances beyond Informatica University’s control, including but not limited to:

  • Accidents
  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Any acts of God that prevent normal business operations

Please see terms and conditions for full policy when you register for a course.

How can I see the schedule of “Guaranteed to Run” class?
You can download the list of the complete Guaranteed to Run schedule. A new North America PDF schedule is uploaded at the beginning of each calendar quarter.

Can a “Guaranteed to Run” class ever be cancelled?
Informatica reserves the right to remove a class from the “Guaranteed To Run” list if there are currently more than 90 days before the class start date. If Informatica does remove a class from its course catalog, Informatica reserves the right to substitute it with a similar class offered at the same location and date. If a class denoted as “Guaranteed To Run” remains listed on our schedule less than 90 days prior to its start date, the class will not be canceled—unless there are no paying students enrolled within ten (10) business days prior to that date. Informatica reserves the right to change the schedule of a class denoted as “Guaranteed To Run” if prevented from delivering the class by circumstances beyond our control, such as but not limited to: labor disputes, civil commotion, war, governmental regulations or controls, casualty, inability to obtain materials or services, or Acts of God. Under such circumstances, Informatica will reschedule the class to run within a reasonable amount of time.

Informatica University Virtual Academy

What is Informatica University Virtual Academy?
Informatica University Virtual Academy (IVA) combines the interactivity of instructor-led classroom learning with the comfort and convenience of a learning location that best fits your needs.

The Virtual Academy uses a cloud based lab environment to deliver our instructor-led workshops using audio and video right to your desk. With this technology, you can interact with the instructor and other students and ask questions using either audio or text messaging. Each class is broken into individual modules, each lasting about half a day. Sessions are scheduled frequently and at different times of the day, allowing you to pick the times that are most convenient to you. After you register for a class and your payment is processed, you will receive detailed information about how to access your Virtual Classes, download the materials and connect to the session.

Is an IVA class the same format as an onDemand class?

No, IVA training is in a Live Meeting format with the instructor online with you during the entire class, whereas onDemand is self-paced lectures delivered via the web.

Where can I attend IVA training?
You may attend at a location of your choice; home, office or conference room, as long as you have access to high-speed internet with no firewall, no proxy server and no VPN; and an open phone line. You will also need internet Explorer 6 or higher, monitor resolution set to 1024 x 768, and a telephone connection with a speaker phone or headset for hands free communication.

Will I get courseware with my class?
Yes, your courseware will be sent to you as an ebook that you can access from your computer or mobile device (tablet or phone) using provided ebook software.

When can I expect the courseware to be shipped / sent?
As soon as your registration has been completed all data, paperwork and payments have been processed, and the class has been confirmed you will be emailed your access code to download the associated course materials.

Will I need to download or install Informatica software to attend a class?
You will need to verify the latest version of JavaScript and possibly download the latest version of software for Microsoft Live Meeting Manager; you will not need to install Informatica software. After registration, an e-mail acknowledgement will be sent to you with test links for required software or downloads.

Informatica University onDemand

What is Informatica University onDemand?
Informatica University onDemand is an online learning model for training your team members where and when is most convenient for them. Traditionally, training classes are delivered in public classrooms or at a customer's training facility. But due to the demands of today's business climate and reduced travel budgets, organizations require a more efficient and immediate way to train their teams in-house, without the need for travel or out-of-office time. Whether you have a few users at one location or many dispersed around the world, we offer an onDemand option to fit your needs.

Informatica University offers three onDemand options:

  • onDemand Training is a catalog of self-paced classes that blend engaging multimedia and simulations, where you can learn about using Informatica products, supplement your existing skills, or download tips & tricks from our growing library.
  • onDemand Labs present a live, virtual lab environment where you can practice lab exercises, keep your skills fresh, or try out new ideas inspired from course learning.
  • onDemand Training Plus provide you with our richest and most comprehensive self-paced learning experience, combining the instruction of onDemand training with the hands-on practice of onDemand labs.

What makes Informatica University onDemand Training distinctive?
Informatica University onDemand Training courses are based on sound principles from extensive research in instructional design, adult learning, and information processing. All online training courses are designed so that newly developed skills and knowledge can be built and retrieved for future use.

Each course consists of:

  • A well-defined set of learning objectives
  • A series of interactions that teaches the stated objectives
  • A means for evaluating whether the learning objectives have been met
  • More complex topics that also include a sandbox environment in which to practice skills

What is Web-based training?
The Web-based training of Informatica University onDemand affordably substitutes and complements traditional classroom-based training. Any computer with access to the Internet or a corporate intranet can access online courses through a Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. Courses are designed for effective learning in an online environment, incorporating interactive exercises that engage students and enhance the learning process.

Why should I consider Informatica University onDemand Training?
Whether you are training a small group at a single location or thousands dispersed worldwide, users have easy access to anywhere/anytime training, from home or work, day or night. The Web-based training of Informatica University onDemand can be just as effective as classroom training, but eliminates the expenses and inconviences of travel. What's more, training can be done entirely on the customer's schedule.

What makes Informatica University onDemand Training courses effective?
The learning material is designed by top instructional design experts and includes interactive exercises, compelling graphics, and a state-of-the-art sandbox environment for student labs.

What are the advantages of Informatica University onDemand Training?
One of the major advantages of the Web-based training Informatica University onDemand is the cost savings over traditional methods. Classroom-based training typically involves travel and time off from work, both costly for employers. Other Web-based training advantages include:

  • Examples and illustrations
  • Accurate, up-to-date, and timely content
  • Multimedia features such as narration and animations
  • Interactivity
  • Assessment with immediate feedback
  • Automated recordkeeping

How do you know the person who has logged in is not an impostor?
Each student has a unique username and password. This prevents an impostor from taking a course without the authorized user's knowledge. Most online training services require the user to accept a User Agreement, which sets forth the Terms and Conditions for taking Web-based training. This discourages the authorized user from providing an impostor with the username and password. Ultimately, however, it is the responsibility of the employer to verify that the person who completed a given course was the authorized user.

Are Informatica University onDemand Training courses more expensive?
No. Informatica University onDemand courses have comparable rates to our virtual instructor-led courses, along with related lab and student fees.

How does anInformatica University onDemand course work?
Informatica University onDemand courses are highly structured. Each step of the course is spelled out in an agenda that's prepared by the instructor specifically to meet the needs of onDemand students. When you enroll in an onDemand course, you'll receive detailed course information during the Start-Up Session, including the agenda, course objections, and lesson schedule.

Will there be more Informatica University onDemand Training courses available in the future?
New courses are being added all the time.

Can I run the Informatica University onDemand Training courses on a Mac?
Yes, absolutely!